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3PL WMS Software

3PL WMS Software ( Third party logistics management software ) helps 3PL industries manage the ordering, warehousing and transportation of supplies for another business. Fast and best 3pl software category includes warehouse management tools and procurement systems to track 3pl inventory management, purchase orders, 3pl shipping and much more.

3PL WMS Software Process

Inward Process
3pl warehouse

Outward Process
3pl shipping

Full inbound control

Traditional WMS, the systems for 3PLs need to focus on core functionality above all else. This means you need robust crossdocking support, the ability to schedule dock door appointments, performance scoring for vendors and carriers, monitoring flow-through, and the ability to monitor and process returns.

Enhanced track and trace

Fast and best 3PL online warehouse management software is a customer service tool as much as it is a business management tool. When customers call wanting to know where their goods are, your 3pl warehouse software should be able to provide that answer. You don’t want any knowledge or visibility gaps in your logistics WMS. Start with the ability to track and trace by SKU, UPC, serial number, batch, lot, packages, and parts/components.

Advanced billing and reports

The warehouse plays a significant role in your profit and loss, so you need a robust reporting aspect for your logistics WMS. When it comes to billing, you want a system that can support unique billing items and multiple invoice formats.You should also look for a system that simplifies both the billing and reporting process.

3PL Warehouse Management Software Features


› ASN Import
› Goods Receipt Note(GRN)
› Inspection
› Lorry Receipt(LR)

Inventory Management

› Palletization
› Lot No.Creation
› Physical Stock Cycle Count
› Put List
› Location allocation

› Dispatch
› Picklist
› Wave picking
› Delivery Challan & POD

GST Billing

› GST Billing
› Payment Receipt
› Outstanding
› Credit Note
› GST Reports
Barcode Scanning

› Barcode for product
› Barcode for storage
› Barcode for pallets
› Barcode picklist

› Graphical Inventory Dashboard
› Expiry Dashboard
› Reorder Level Dashboard
› Ledger Report

Benefits of 3PL Warehouse Management Software

The exact mapping of products in warehouse
Accurate recording of all transactions performed
Improved Security and Safety

Reducing administrative and operating costs in the warehouse
Reducing order processing time
Reducing errors caused by warehouse operators

Viewing information in real time
Increased productivity
Increasing customer/contractor satisfaction

Screenshots of 3PL Warehouse Management Software

ASN Import


Pallet Creation


Dispatch Intimation


Picklist Report

Graphical Inventory Dashboard

Expiry Dashboard

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