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Fast WMS Software - For cold storage

Cold storage warehouse management software is traceability in the cold storage business is important to ensure that you and your employees are able to easily look back through detailed information when necessary maintaining inventory integrity, outbound orders and meeting compliance standards.

Cold Storage WMS Process

Inward Process

Cold Storage warehouse

Outward Process

Cold Storage shipping

benefits of third party logistics

Compliance Ensures Product Quality

Through our modern WMS cold storage software involvement with many businesses and their demand for a better tracking solution, we have been able to determine the best feasible way to complete each operation and integrate them into a valuable cold storage warehouse management software. Value-added functionality includes the ability to track and trace inventory using a mapped view of inventory locations and imagery of what the cold product looks like.

- Record temperatures throughout each stage of the order, container or shipment.

- Cold storage management track and trace the quantity of pallets on-hand, receive and/or shipped.

- Significantly reduce times by selecting shipments based on various criteria to build a wave.

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