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Fast WMS Software - For E - Commerce

A WMS built for E-Commerce has needs beyond that of a typical system. In addition to all of the typical features a WMS has such as receiving, picking, shipping, etc, an E-Commerce WMS needs to account for other needs, the foremost of which is retrieving and pushing quantities to the various online marketplaces. E-Commerce Warehouse Management System can automate E-Commerce processes is by speeding up the task of listing products on various marketplaces.

E-commerce WMS Process

Inward Process

E-commerce warehouse

Outward Process

E-commerce shipping

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Customer focused value-added services

Increase in Sales & Customers : The use of Ecommerce warehouse management system can significantly increase sales because customers love the convenience associated with e-business. It allows them to make purchases from the comfort of their home without having to travel to the actual store. You can also integrate mobile technology into your ecommerce website so that customers can make purchases on the go right when they need it.

Pick, Pack and 100% Ship Audit : Our intelligent WMS chooses the optimal walking path through your warehouse by default to help reduce shipping errors.In ecommerce warehouse management system before shipping labels are generated, scan audits on every item going into a customer package ensure customers get exactly what they ordered every time. Support for license plating is a flexible option for those customers wanting to leverage existing shipping systems.

Improve Fulfillment Times : Automation and efficiency impact your bottom line. Grow your business by delivering on customer demand. Improve accuracy with streamlined receiving processes, then get your orders out of the door faster with optimal pick-path and scan-based audits.

Is Your Business Ready for eCommerce Integration?

Fast WMS Software allows you to sync your WMS with various e-commerce platforms like Amazon, ebay, Shopify,Nykaa,BigCommerce and many more, so that you gain more visibility and control of your inventory. Fast WMS Software streamlines all multichannel sales and operations into one centralized unit increasing profitability, boosting productivity and reducing inventory costs.

Benefits of eCommerce Integration
» Eliminate manual entry of order, inventory, item, customer, and shipping data. This saves you time and reduces human errors.
» Sync inventory levels to ensure you don’t oversell by providing accurate inventory levels across all your sales channels.
» Easily add more sales channels, such as marketplaces, without losing operational efficiency.
» Readily handle an increase in orders without needing to add more resources.

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