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Fast Warehouse Barcode Scanner

Fast warehouse scanning systems browse small and large barcode label sizes .Scanners offer a range of durability, long range or 2D scanning and cordless operation to fit your specific needs.

wms barcode system


Handheld Mobile Computer for within 4 walls application

Elegant design / Simple operation / IP54

   Single Slot Dock : Charges 1 device and 1 battery simultaneously.

   Scanner Options : 1D laser

   Multiple Connectivity : WLAN (IEEE 801.11 b/g/n). Bluetooth Class 2.1 + EDR

   Long Operation Hours : 3800 mAh large capacity battery. Low power ARM CPU with       highly optimized software power scheme.

   High Durability : IP 54 rating. 1.2 m drop tested

   Single Slot Dock : Long range (10+ meter) variant is available

   Single Slot Dock : Very useful for small items like jewellery,stationary,medicines,etc

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